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Suburban Revival

A Modern Vintage Boutique

There is a quality to vintage clothing. There is a history and art to them. Owning and wearing vintage clothing keeps its heritage alive. Suburban Revival is all about that love of vintage clothing.

​Inspired by classic designers and style icons, we carry a curated collection of pieces selected for their beauty, relevance, and timeless style. Through our boutique and passion for mixing vintage with modern, we hope to inspire you to think about vintage in a new way.


Find a Story...Tell a Story

Fashion helps define who we are. What we wear signifies what we stand for. We believe in sustainable fashion and to extend the life of timeless pieces. Any time you choose to buy vintage clothing it’s a positive step towards a more sustainable future.

What really makes vintage clothing so popular is that it’s just that special. It is a way to step back in time to become more personal with your style. When everyone seems to be wearing the same thing, mixing unique vintage pieces within your wardrobe will always express your individuality.

Vintage clothing has soul — it has a history and a story to tell.  Who wore this piece? Where did they wear it too?  How did they style this?  Mixing vintage and modern tells a story, and the story continues with you.

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Visit Us

Visit Suburban Revival for unique and one of a kind vintage finds.  Located in the quaint New Jersey town of Maywood, minutes from New York, our boutique is welcoming and inviting.

Suburban Revival is the ultimate destination for modern vintage fashion. 

Our New Retail Location 

110 West Pleasant Ave, Maywood, NJ


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