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About Suburban Revival
A Modern Vintage Boutique


Rediscover Timeless Vintage 

Hi! I'm Laura, the owner of Suburban Revival. I have been seeing the world through the eyes of an artist since I was a child.


From an early age, I began expressing my creativity through illustration, finding inspiration in the pages of classic fashion magazines. My love of illustration led me to a career in the New York City Fashion Industry. I worked with designers for many years, bringing their visions to life. 

Simultaneously, my passion for vintage was cultivated. I was always enchanted by family stories about the past, a love for history, old homes with character, and the magic of family heirlooms.


After years of working in design, what became apparent to me was the timelessness of vintage fashion and how it always has -and always will- inspire contemporary designers. 

I opened Suburban Revival because style and sustainability should go hand-in-hand. I wanted to create a place where individuals can update their wardrobes by extending the lifecycle of pre-loved and vintage fashion pieces.

The Heart of Suburban Revival

Meet the woman behind Suburban Revival's magic - my wonderful mom, Bobbie!


Her warm smile and friendly personality greet every customer that walks through our door.


Truly the cornerstone of our Maywood boutique, Mom taught me that style starts from within.

"Wear It With Confidence!" she'd say.


That self-assurance shines through how we dress and present ourselves everyday.


At Suburban Revival, we'd like to help you create that confidence with a mix of modern and vintage and timeless looks.


Find Timeless Style at Suburban Revival

My hope for Suburban Revival is to redefine the conventional perception of a vintage clothing store.

We aim to create a more sustainable fashion environment by investing in pre-loved vintage items and positively impacting the planet while discovering our customers' next favorite finds.

The dream of opening a Vintage Boutique in the charming suburban town of Maywood, had been a passion of mine for some time. Embodying the belief that shopping should be enjoyable again and clothing inspiring. We hope to bring back the charm of local town shopping.

Suburban Revival is a boutique featuring expertly curated vintage clothing and thoughtfully chosen contemporary pieces, along with a selection of new gifts and accessories, all harmonizing with the eclectic and vintage aesthetic. 

A vintage piece, with its one-of-a-kind allure, always adds interest to your look—a unique statement that will have everyone asking where you got that.


Your reply, "It's Vintage from Suburban Revival."

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