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About Us


I’m Laura and this is my mom Bobbie!  My mother would always say to me, “Wear it with Confidence!" I believe this goes for how we present ourselves, as well as how we dress our homes.

Visual presentation has always been a part of my life. I am as passionate about dressing a room, as I am about putting together an outfit to wear... I am always looking for that empty canvas to fill.

My love for vintage started at a young age. I was always enchanted by family stories about the past and raised with a respect for history, old homes with character, and family heirlooms. I started expressing myself through fashion, and illustration, which led to my career in the New York City Fashion Industry. For many years I worked closely with designers, bringing their vision to life. Specializing in trend, color, and composition, as well as fabric merchandising and coordination.


My eye for seeing vintage as timeless was acquired from years of working in design and how vintage always inspires.

Stop by and say hello, chat awhile, browse, and become inspired!

The feeling surrounding Suburban Revival is that it has redefined the perception of what a vintage clothing store should be. A store built on the premise that shopping should be fun and clothing should be inspiring.

Opening a Vintage Boutique in the quaint Suburban town of Maywood has been a dream of mine for a long time. My vision is to show how what we’ve inherited or collected over time can still be relevant for today.


A Vintage piece will always add interest to your look, and or your surroundings. A one of a kind and unique statement, that will have everyone asking where did you get that?  Your reply "It's Vintage!"


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